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God, Gender, Sex and Marriage

God, Gender, Sex and Marriage

Mandy Ford

Quick Overview

Discussion of gender equality, sexuality and other key issues in modern society, from the Church of England's perspective. Presents the history, biblical readings and forms of reasoning on these issues to get the reader to think about their own ethical viewpoint of God, gender, sex and marriage.
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Paperback / softback
2018, 8.50in x 6.50in / 216mm x 165mm, 128pp
ISBN: 9781785924750
2018, ePUB, 112pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-860-9
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An accessible introduction to important topics that are deeply contested within the Church of England - marriage, gender equality and sexuality. It draws on sources displaying an inclusive perspective whilst staying respectful to those who take a different view.

It explores a diverse and fascinating range of questions such as: How should the church treat those who do not conform to gender stereotypes, or experience their gender atypically? Are there limits to inclusion? What should the church say about desire and self-control?

Informative and thought-provoking, this book enables the reader to 'think better' about the issues discussed by presenting the history, the religious texts, the forms of reasoning and the recent scholarship which these topics have attracted both inside and outside of theology.


'Mandy Ford concludes that 'There is more to life than this.' The observer would imagine, however, that the church is obsessed with the issues of gender, sex and marriage. This book and study guide is a valuable contribution to the ongoing conversation that may help Christians to move on.'
- Andrew Nunn, Dean of Southwark

'Questions of human sexuality are central to who we are, and yet resources to help us think carefully and live justly are in very short supply. In this book Mandy Ford offers exactly the sort of calm and clear resource we need. Please read it.'
- Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool

'A journey through complex and confusing landscape needs a reliable guide. This book provides an accessible, well-informed, detailed and impartial map through the often divisive and highly defended territories that mark out the Church of England's debates on human sexuality. This will be a gift to all who seek to see the paths more clearly.'
- Rev David Runcorn is a theological teacher, writer and speaker

'In this thoughtful book Mandy invites the reader into the complexity of gender, marriage, desire, sexuality and identity. Rather than provide answers this book encourages curiosity; it is a resource personally and to enable careful conversations with others with whom we might disagree.'
- Sandra Cobbin, trainer, coach and mediator, facilitator for the Church of England Shared Conversation on Human Sexuality.

'The sexuality debate has become sterile in the church. Mandy Ford's God, Gender, Sex and Marriage provides an accessible, never over-simplified, account of the issues that bedevil the Church around gender and sexuality. Ideal for study groups, excellent as a discussion resource between progressives and conservatives, a model for 'good conversation' where 'bad disagreement' is too often what we settle for.'
- Canon Simon Butler, Prolocutor of Canterbury (General Synod)

'This book is a delight. It is lucid, elegant, learned, highly informative, compassionate, and totally free from rhetoric. It is a book written by a very gifted facilitator (I had the privilege of working closely with Mandy as a co-facilitator of the Shared Conversations on Human Sexuality); and a book that is itself a significant gift from her to her readers. She concludes her introduction with the words : "...[this book is] the gift I want to share with you" . I, for one, am very grateful.'
- Stephen Ruttle, QC

'This is a firework of a book. Mandy insistently opens up our engagement with discipleship, human identity and sexuality. We find scholarship worn lightly; bible and faith teased out as rich and intriguing. This slakes curiosity yet fuels desire for more Godly conversation. '
- The Very Revd David Monteith, Dean of Leicester


By (author): Mandy Ford