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Looked after children

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  1. Healing Child Trauma Through Restorative Parenting

    Healing Child Trauma Through Restorative Parenting

    A Model for Supporting Children and Young People

    Dr Chris Robinson and Terry Philpot

    A pioneering model of child care, Restorative Parenting is specifically tailored to help children to recover from abuse or neglect. The concepts are clinically informed and can be implemented in a range of children's services, including residential care, foster care and health care. Learn More
    2016, Paperback / softback, 8.98in x 6.26in / 228mm x 159mm, 136pp, CA$41.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-699-1
    2016, Ebook, ePUB, 136pp, CA$41.95
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-215-7
  2. Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

    Understanding Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder

    A Guide to FASD for Parents, Carers and Professionals

    Maria Catterick and Liam Curran

    This is the essential guide to FASD - the most common non-genetic learning disability, which is caused by alcohol consumption during pregnancy. It explains how FASD affects individuals at different stages of their lives, how you can identify it, and gives advice on how to support children, young people and adults with FASD. Learn More
    2014, Paperback / softback, 9.61in x 6.77in / 244mm x 172mm, 168pp, CA$33.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-394-5
    2014, Ebook, ePUB, 168pp, CA$33.95
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-758-2
  3. Putting Corporate Parenting into Practice, Second Edition

    Putting Corporate Parenting into Practice, Second Edition

    A handbook for councillors

    Di Hart and Alison Williams

    With an emphasis on practical tools and training materials, this new edition will support the implementation of corporate parenting across the local authority by focusing on the leadership and commitment that members and officers can provide. Learn More
    2013, Paperback / softback, 11.69in x 8.27in / 297mm x 210mm, 104pp, CA$48.95
    ISBN: 9781907969966
    2013, Ebook, PDF, 104pp, CA$48.95
    ISBN: 9781909391130
  4. Understanding Costs and Outcomes in Child Welfare Services

    Understanding Costs and Outcomes in Child Welfare Services

    A Comprehensive Costing Approach to Managing Your Resources

    Lisa Holmes and Samantha McDermid

    Today's child welfare services operate under a limited supply of resources. This book explains how finite resources can be used most effectively, providing social work managers and policymakers with a comprehensive costing model to assess the links between needs, costs and outcomes across the full range of child welfare services. Learn More
    2011, Hardback, 9.37in x 6.26in / 238mm x 159mm, 200pp, CA$129.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-214-6
    2011, Ebook, ePUB, 200pp, CA$129.00
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-448-2
  5. Caring for Abused and Neglected Children

    Caring for Abused and Neglected Children

    Making the Right Decisions for Reunification or Long-Term Care

    Jim Wade, Nina Biehal, Nicola Farrelly and Ian Sinclair

    This book compares the experiences and progress of children who remained in care or returned to their birth families up to four years after the decision was taken. It covers how the decision is made, the factors taken into account when making it and provides important suggestions for effective decision-making. Learn More
    2011, Paperback / softback, 8.98in x 6.14in / 228mm x 156mm, 224pp, CA$59.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-207-8
    2011, Ebook, ePUB, 224pp, CA$59.00
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-441-3
  6. Improving Outcomes for Children and Families

    Improving Outcomes for Children and Families

    Finding and Using International Evidence

    Edited by Anthony N. Maluccio, Cinzia Canali, Tiziano Vecchiato, Anita Lightburn, Jane Aldgate and Wendy Rose

    This edited collection offers an international perspective on the challenges of designing and undertaking outcome-based evaluation of child and family services. It introduces the key ideas and issues currently being debated in the evaluation of these services and provides examples of evaluation from policy and practice. Learn More
    2010, Hardback, 9.33in x 6.06in / 237mm x 154mm, 240pp, CA$129.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-819-3
    2011, Ebook, ePUB, 240pp, CA$129.00
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-248-8
  7. Fostering a Child's Recovery

    Fostering a Child's Recovery

    Family Placement for Traumatized Children

    Mike Thomas and Terry Philpot

    This evidence-based book outlines the principles of family placement on the basis of planning and evidence, and explores the qualities, skills and insights that create positive placement outcomes. The book shows how the key to good fostering is well-trained and skilled foster carers who form part of a team of professionals who surround the child. Learn More
    2009, Paperback / softback, 8.90in x 6.18in / 226mm x 157mm, 160pp, CA$48.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-327-1
    2009, Ebook, ePUB, 160pp, CA$48.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-687-2
  8. A Child's Journey to Recovery

    A Child's Journey to Recovery

    Assessment and Planning with Traumatized Children

    Patrick Tomlinson and Terry Philpot

    This book shows how carefully planned and assessed treatment can help traumatized children. It outlines how to set up a process for measuring a child's progress towards recovery. Uniquely, the book describes a practical outcomes-based approach that can be provided by an integrated multi-disciplinary team. Learn More
    2007, Paperback / softback, 9.17in x 6.22in / 233mm x 158mm, 160pp, CA$40.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-330-1
    2007, Ebook, ePUB, 160pp, CA$40.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-740-4
  9. Residential Child Care

    Residential Child Care

    Prospects and Challenges

    Edited by Andrew Kendrick

    Residential Child Care draws on the latest research to offer guidance for developing best practice, policy and improved outcomes for children and young people. Contributors examine important aspects of residential care work, and address the concerns about the poor outcomes for young people leaving care. Learn More
    2007, Paperback / softback, 8.94in x 7.05in / 227mm x 179mm, 248pp, CA$50.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-526-8
    2007, Ebook, ePUB, 248pp, CA$50.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-683-4
  10. What Works in Residential Child Care

    What Works in Residential Child Care

    A review of research evidence and the practical considerations

    Roger Clough, Roger Bullock, Adrian Ward

    Reviews research evidence and identifies the significant elements that will lead to a successful strategy for Residential Child Care Learn More
    2006, Paperback / softback, 9.65in x 6.69in / 245mm x 170mm, 134pp, CA$26.95
    ISBN: 9781904787778
    2006, Ebook, PDF, 134pp, CA$26.95
    ISBN: 9781907969034

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