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Minnie and Max are OK!

Minnie and Max are OK!

A Story to Help Children Develop a Positive Body Image

Chris Calland and Nicky Hutchinson, illustrated by Emmi Smid

Quick Overview

In this endearing story for children aged 3-7, Minnie's Grandma teaches her and their dog Max about body image. Showing children how to be proud of their differences through humour, empathy and enthralling illustrations, this vibrant book includes questions to guide adults through helping their children feel confident and embrace diversity.
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2017, 9.76in x 9.57in / 248mm x 243mm, 40pp
ISBN: 9781785922336
2017, PDF, 40pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-514-1
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Minnie has had a bad day at school. Some children made fun of her looks, and she wishes she was more like them.

Max, Minnie's dog, wishes he looked different too. And he doesn't understand why Grandma doesn't like his singing!

When Grandma sees that Minnie and Max aren't OK, she takes them to the park. There, they see lots of children and dogs - all with different shapes, sizes, colours and special traits. If they all looked the same, would it be better or worse?

Body image is an increasingly important issue for young children. This beautifully illustrated, confidence-boosting book will help encourage children aged 3-7 to celebrate their strengths and embrace diversity. Included are questions that adults can ask to see how children relate to Minnie and Max's thoughts and feelings. Colourful, funny and uplifting, this book will help you make sure your child is OK with their body image!


'This is a delightful book with beautiful illustrations. The story gently explores body image and diversity in an age appropriate way for 3-7 year olds. This will be a great book to use with young children as a tool to explore and enhance their wellbeing.'
- Sonia Mainstone-Cotton, early years and nurture outreach consultant

'Minnie & Max are OK! is such a refreshing read, which lovingly tackles the all-important issue of self-esteem in children. With exquisite illustrations to complement the clever story, no reader could fail to feel cheered by Minnie and her scruffy canine friend. I love this book!'
- Rebecca Seymour, Little Parachutes (

'Today, children as young as five diet! With this inspirational book Chris Calland and Nicky Hutchinson address the gap in the resources which are available to parents and schools to reduce the harmful impact of the media on children's body image and self-esteem. This enchanting, everyday story offers a refreshingly different, proactive approach to encouraging children to recognise their strengths and talents and celebrate differences. It will enable parents and practitioners to tackle the tough questions that children ask and have open conversations around body image.'
- Dr Ruth MacConville, educational consultant and author of Positive Body Image for Kids

'Negative body image can set in very young, so it's good to see a picture book that seeks to celebrate diversity and build body confidence and self-esteem. The authors are specialists in this field, and the book is testimony to their knowledge and sensitivity. Children will enjoy the way Max's feelings match Minnie's. The illustrations are fun and expressive. They are also delightfully inclusive.'
- Anne Harding


Illustrated by: Emmi Smid