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Mud Boy

Mud Boy

A Story about Bullying

Sarah Siggs. With notes by Pooky Knightsmith., illustrated by Amy Crosby

Quick Overview

This illustrated story is designed to be read with children aged 5+ who have experienced or seen bullying or teasing. Sam's story gently evokes how it feels to be bullied and shows how talking to other people helps. It is a great discussion starter for kids and adults, and empowers children to see how they can change things for the better.
2019, Hardback, 8.50in x 8.43in / 216mm x 214mm, 48pp
ISBN: 9781785928703

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The sound of Sam's life was like the best piece of music you have ever heard. Everyone liked Sam, and Sam liked himself. But then one day the mud words begin and they get inside his head - and Sam can't hear the music anymore.

Mud Boy is an illustrated book for ages 5-11, showing how children can go from being joyfully buoyant to totally deflated when being bullied and teased, and offering advice to get them back to their best. Mud, music and a family cat are used to conjure up the story to children in a very new and real way, showing that recovery happens through talking to others about our problems. The book also includes a guide for further talking points by Dr Pooky Knightsmith on how to discuss the topic, and the emotions that come up on reading the book, with children.


'Mud Boy is an excellent story for children about bullying. It explains the process of bullying really well, particularly the experience of being a victim. I really like how Sarah Siggs has explained the feelings of being victimised and how she uses mud as a metaphor to explain how bullied children can feel stigmatised and become ostracised by their peers. Sarah provides a useful way of how victimised children can move from feeling helpless to feeling empowered, and also helping other bullied children. There are also excellent resources at the end of the book to support adults to discuss the important issues raised in the book, including what children can do about bullying, and how they can help others who are bullies.'
- Elizabeth Nassem, Educational Researcher, Birmingham City University

'Mud Boy has been such a special project to be a part of - from the moment Sarah, the author, first described the concept I could see that this would be a hugely powerful story to help children feel less alone and to encourage them to seek the support of an adult they trust if they need help with bullying.'
- Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Mental Health Advisor, Author, Speaker & Educator

'This beautifully written and illustrated book addresses the issue of bullying in a sensitive way that captures the emotions of young children who are being bullied. It's also empowering as it offers the child solutions. The section for supporting adults provides many opportunities to enable children to explore the thoughts and feelings of those who experience or observe bullying.'
- Helen Cowie, Professor, University of Surrey, author of Emily Is Being Bullied: What Can She Do?


By (author): Sarah Siggs
Illustrated by: Amy Crosby