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Rosie Rudey and the Very Annoying Parent

Rosie Rudey and the Very Annoying Parent

A story about a prickly child who is scared of getting close

Sarah Naish and Rosie Jefferies, illustrated by Amy Farrell

Part of the Therapeutic Parenting Books series

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Today Rosie Rudey has had enough of her annoying family. She'll be just fine on her own. Will Rosie like it as much as she thinks without her family? Will she be lured back by the smell of dinner cooking and the sounds of her brother and sisters playing? This is the perfect story for any child who is scared of getting close.
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Paperback / softback
2016, 10.63in x 7.40in / 270mm x 188mm, 32pp
ISBN: 9781785921506

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2016, PDF, 32pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-412-0
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Today Rosie Rudey has had enough!

"Rosie, put your coat on, it's cold outside."
"Rosie, bring your sandwich box to the kitchen, please."
"Rosie, stop being nasty to your brother."

LEAVE ME ALONE, she thought.

Rosie did not have an easy childhood which has made her build a hard shell around herself so no one can get in. Luckily her new mum knows just how to help soften Rosie's hard exterior.

Written by a mum who understands, and her daughter (who was also a bit prickly), this is a story for children functioning at age 3-10.


'This set of books all deal with common emotional and behavioural difficulties of adopted and fostered children. Difficulties are introduced through characters who behave in ways that children can identify with. The text is simple, humorous and with illustrations that grab the reader's attention. The books could be used in many ways but I would see them as a springboard for adults (adoptive parents, social workers or carers) to begin to talk to children about feelings and behaviours. Read aloud, the stories may enable children to recognise that they are not alone and that other children also struggle. It is often difficult for parents or carers to know where to start in talking about these issues. This set of books provides a way of doing this without blaming the child. These books should be available in every adoption agency for use by social workers or to be lent to parents.'
- Professor Julie Selwyn CBE, Director of the Hadley Centre for Adoption and Foster Care Studies, University of Bristol

'[These therapeutic parenting books] are the most valuable books on my book shelf. In my 11 years of fostering I have read many books, but these are different. They are people friendly but real - they are written by someone that has been through looking after traumatised children and who better to offer help, theories and guidance. Sarah has written her books simply which means the traumatised children respond to the characters and can express themselves through the books. I will be offering my copies to everyone that comes into my home to read...well done Sarah Naish and all involved...'
- Foster Carer

'Excellent books! I have recommended them to every foster carer/adopter/professional I know! Our kids love them, and enjoy the fact that Sarah and Rosie 'get it'. 5 out of 5 stars.'
- JS Bradley, Adopter


Illustrated by: Amy Farrell