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The Nervous Knight

The Nervous Knight

A Story about Overcoming Worries and Anxiety

Anthony Lloyd Jones

Quick Overview

The nervous knight never likes to take their armour off - what if something bad happens?! All they can think about is what could go wrong. But thankfully, with some help from friends, they learn to overcome this feeling. This picture books explains anxiety to children and contains a guide for parents that gives suggestions on how to overcome it.
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2021, 9.69in x 9.61in / 246mm x 244mm, 48pp
ISBN: 9781787754164

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Once upon a time, in a peaceful kingdom far away, there lived a knight (in training). This knight was never ever seen without their armour. In fact, nobody even knew what they looked like under their helmet. Why would they remove their armour? You never know what might happen. What if there was suddenly a war, or an exploding volcano, or they fell and scraped their knee?!

The Nervous Knight shows what childhood anxiety can look like, while helping to normalise it and show children (ages 5+) that they can do the things they care about despite their worries. It also contains a guide for parents and professionals, giving expert advice on how to use the book to aid discussions on this topic.


'With gentle humor and bold, fun illustrations, this gem of a book normalizes the fear of something going wrong and teaches children how to move forward anyway. The book is funny, inclusive, appealing and accurate: a winning combination sure to help young worriers.'
- Dawn Huebner, Clinical Psychologist and Bestselling author of 'Outsmarting Worry' and 'What To Do When You Worry Too Much

'Beautifully written, imaginatively illustrated and full of practical ideas to enable nervous young knights to begin to remove their anxiety armour.'
- Dr Pooky Knightsmith, Director of Creative Education and author


By (author): Lloyd Jones
Contributions by: Ian Macdonald