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Bomji and Spotty's Frightening Adventure

Bomji and Spotty's Frightening Adventure

A Story About How to Recover from a Scary Experience

Anne Westcott and C. C. Alicia Hu. Introduced by Pat Ogden., illustrated by Ching-Pang Kuo

Part of the Hidden Strengths Therapeutic Children's Books series

Quick Overview

Starring a brave little rabbit named Bomji, this picture book will help children aged 4-10 open up and feel better after a scary thing has happened. After Bomji is frightened by a coyote, his friend Spotty the Cat and the kind Teacher Owl help him to feel like himself again. Includes a guide for grownups and a game to play after reading.
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Paperback / softback
2017, 10.91in x 8.50in / 277mm x 216mm, 40pp
ISBN: 9781785927706
2017, PDF, 40pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-670-4
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One sunny day, Bomji the rabbit and his friend Spotty the cat meet something very scary while picking flowers in the woods.

The friends manage to escape, but afterwards Bomji just doesn't feel safe anymore. His body feels a bit different and he starts to have bad dreams. His friend Spotty is worried about Bomji - how can her friend be helped? Luckily, wise Teacher Owl is there for them.

This therapeutic picture book allows children and adults to talk about a frightening experience. The story is followed by helpful guidance for adults on how to help their child. It explores how your body and how you feel is affected by scary experiences, and explains how you can use your body to help to recover too.


'The pictures and rich descriptive text convey the real life experience of so many children ... Children will feel relieved and understood as they recognize themselves and their peers in the characters.'
- Pat Ogden, Founder, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute

'A brilliant addition to the field of mental health for the treatment of trauma in children ... accessible, educational and fun for clients, parents and therapists alike. Bravo!'
- Frank Anderson, MD, Psychotherapist, psychiatrist and Executive Director, Foundation of Self Leadership

'Delightful ... The Guide for Grown Ups at the end of the book offers child-friendly ways to extend the value of the story into everyday life, and bolsters parent understanding.'
- Elizabeth S. Warner, Psy.D, Clinical psychologist and SMART Project Director, Trauma Center at JRI

'Practical and accessible ... This important and timely series is a must read for anyone who has a need for trauma literacy.'
- Nicola McClung, Ph.D., Mother and Assistant Professor, School of Education, University of San Francisco

'Allows parents to take to task the tough questions about trauma ... then guide their child to feel better. This will be a valued book on many shelves.'
- Lenea Keltner, Director, Whitman County Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA)

'Westcott and Hu have done a wonderful job ... a story with relatable characters that will help children to heal.'
- Rochelle Sharpe Lohrasbe, PhD, RCC, EMDRIA-approved consultant in EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute


Illustrated by: Ching-Pang Kuo
Introduction by: Pat Ogden