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Boost Your Therapeutic Parenting Through Ten Transformative Steps

Dr Amber Elliott

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The book introduces 10 new parenting strategies based on Empathic Behaviour Management (EBM) techniques for foster carers and adoptive parents. It explores effective parenting habits through case studies and attachment research with reflections on the use of empathy and other innovative approaches.
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Paperback / softback
2021, 8.98in x 5.91in / 228mm x 150mm, 224pp
ISBN: 9781785920950

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Tried nagging, shouting, taking away screen time, but with no success?

Dr Amber Elliott explains why children who have experienced early trauma need something different - therapeutic parenting - a kind of everyday 'superparenting' which champions empathy over punishment.

Trying to parent children who have trauma-triggered behaviours is tough, and none of us are perfect. Taking this as a starting point, Dr Elliott provides you with a ten-step process to transform your parenting. From developing self-acceptance and ideas for building motivation through to creative ways to think about structure and routine, the book combines principles with practical advice and exercises you can try out at home.

Working together, you and your child can discover the secrets of superparenting and overcome trauma-triggered behaviours!


'Successful parenting is about creating a parent-child relationship that involves loving, experiencing delight and joy, guiding, handling stress, being gentle and strong, comforting, laughing, and feeling both tired and alive. These qualities may be difficult to attain, especially when parenting traumatized children who do not trust relationships. Traumatized children's behaviors need to be understood and then guided, not managed. Dr. Amber Elliott has given us creative and powerful ideas for developing such relationships. Her book is called 'Superparenting!', and without going 'over the top' I would call it super!'
- Dan Hughes, Founder of DDP and originator of PACE


By (author): Amber Elliott
Foreword by: Sally Donovan