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Management and supervision

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  1. The Moulster and Griffiths Learning Disability Nursing Model

    The Moulster and Griffiths Learning Disability Nursing Model

    A Framework for Practice

    Edited by Gweneth Moulster, Jane Iorizzo, Sarah Ames and Joshua Kernohan

    This book describes the Moulster and Griffiths nursing model and demonstrates how learning disability nurses can use it in practice. It provides an effective framework to assess, plan, reflect on and evaluate person-centred care, considering the complex needs of people who have learning disabilities, their families and their carers. Learn More
    2019, Paperback / softback, 9.69in x 6.81in / 246mm x 173mm, 176pp, $39.95
    ISBN: 9781785924804
    2019, Ebook, ePUB, $39.95
    ISBN: 978-1-78450-866-1
  2. Challenges in Professional Supervision

    Challenges in Professional Supervision

    Current Themes and Models for Practice

    Liz Beddoe and Allyson Davys

    This is the authoritative guide to the issues, trends and developments taking place in professional supervision practice. Drawing on the latest research and theory it also explores new and innovative modes, models and skills being employed to best carry out supervision across professions such as health, social care and counselling. Learn More
    2016, Paperback / softback, 8.98in x 5.98in / 228mm x 152mm, 248pp, $45.00
    ISBN: 978-1-84905-465-2
    2016, Ebook, ePUB, 248pp, $45.00
    ISBN: 978-0-85700-843-5
  3. Public Services Inspection in the UK

    Public Services Inspection in the UK

    Edited by Howard Davis and Steve Martin

    This book analyses the key debates about the role that inspection plays in increasing public accountability and encouraging service improvement. Contributors describe current inspection methods across the key public sectors, and examine the underlying issues and tensions associated with public services inspection. Learn More
    2008, Paperback / softback, 9.21in x 6.22in / 234mm x 158mm, 160pp, $37.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-527-5
    2008, Ebook, PDF, 160pp, $37.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-830-2
  4. Enhancing Social Work Management

    Enhancing Social Work Management

    Theory and Best Practice from the UK and USA

    Edited by Jane Aldgate, Lynne Healy, Barris Malcolm, Barbara Pine, Wendy Rose and Janet Seden

    This book looks at the nature of management in the human services sector and examines the prevailing issues affecting both the UK and USA. In this book, contributors present both the problems and opportunities associated with the growth of management in the social care sector. This will be essential reading for social workers. Learn More
    2007, Paperback / softback, 9.09in x 6.06in / 231mm x 154mm, 320pp, $46.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84310-515-2
    2007, Ebook, PDF, 320pp, $46.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-590-5
  5. Integrative Approaches to Supervision

    Integrative Approaches to Supervision

    Edited by Michael Carroll and Margaret Tholstrup

    The contributors to this informative book consider the nature of a supervision and examine the ways in which it can be further defined and developed. Drawing together practical and theoretical perspectives, Integrative Approaches to Supervision examines the contribution that supervision can make within both organisational and individual settings. Learn More
    2001, Paperback / softback, 9.13in x 6.38in / 232mm x 162mm, 224pp, $39.95
    ISBN: 978-1-85302-966-0
    2001, Ebook, ePUB, 224pp, $42.95
    ISBN: 978-1-84642-197-6
  6. Innovative Education and Training for Care Professionals

    Innovative Education and Training for Care Professionals

    A Provider's Guide

    Edited by Rachel Pierce and Jenny Weinstein

    The editors have brought together academics, researchers and practitioners, to reflect with them - both positively and critically - on a broad range of contemporary educational developments, thus providing a sound analysis to shape future arrangements for quality professional education and training for care professionals. Learn More
    1999, 250pp
  7. Practice Teaching - Changing Social Work

    Practice Teaching - Changing Social Work

    Edited by Hilary Lawson

    In this authoritative book, practitioners and academics discuss and explore the complex issues that arise in practice teaching. The challenges related to the organisational context of social work, the role of the practice teacher as the pivot between theory and practice and the need to ensure the development of a sound value base are all explored. Learn More
    1998, 240pp

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