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Independence, Social, and Study Strategies for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Independence, Social, and Study Strategies for Young Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder

The BASICS College Curriculum

Michelle Rigler, Amy Rutherford and Emily Quinn

Part of the The BASICS College Curriculum series

Quick Overview

This practical college curriculum for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder teaches independence, social, and study skills that empower the student and enable academic success. An ideal textbook for ASD college programs or for student self-study, this curriculum provides hands-on help in the areas that students with ASD need it most.
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Paperback / softback
2014, 10.98in x 8.46in / 279mm x 215mm, 232pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-787-5
2014, PDF, 232pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-060-3
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The BASICS College Curriculum presents a hands-on approach to learning essential life and study skills for college students with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). This book focuses on the transition to college, developing key academic skills, navigating campus social life, and living away from home for the first time.

Ideal as a textbook for ASD college programs run by disability support services and suitable for students to use for self-study, it teaches independence skills, self-advocacy, organization, stress management, and social skills. Each lesson provides valuable information and advice for the student, useful diagrams, practical exercises and workbook components that can be filled in at home or in class, and self-assessment tools.


'The BASICS curriculum is anything but basic. This comprehensive curriculum helps teachers, parents, and disability providers to apply detailed support to students with ASD with little preparation. It also serves as a self-paced workbook for students on the spectrum. The authors have created the perfect comprehensive tool kit for supporting students on the spectrum transitioning to college!'
- Lisa Meeks, PhD, Director of Student Disability Services, Schools of Medicine, Dentistry and Graduate Studies, University of California, San Francisco

'This is a wonderful resource for colleges and universities starting programs for students on the spectrum or starting groups. From academic skills, career and major choices to social skills and hygiene, the authors have developed forms and diagrams that help students to understand the vague and non-verbal direction of college education. The 'BASICS' will help students to become self-aware, develop skills and graduate!'
- Jane Thierfeld Brown, EdD, Director, College Autism Spectrum, Assistant Clinical Professor, Yale University, Child Study Center



This is one downloadable PDF, including the following templates from the book:

page 12 ‘Back to BASICS template’;
pages 17–19 ‘Emergency Contact and Medical Information’;
page 20 ‘Food Diary’;
page 22 ‘Cleanliness Checklist’;
pages 26–27 ‘Roommate Contract’;
page 41 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (areas of growth)’;
page 48 ‘Weekly Planner’; page 50 ‘Daily Planner’;
page 54 ‘Detailed “To Do” List;
page 55 ‘Simple “To Do” List’;
pages 60 and 92 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (organization, planning and goal-setting);
page 76 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (communication in academics);
page 108 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (communication in personal life);
page 115–116 ‘Situational Stress Test’;
page 131 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (stress management);
page 137 ‘Attendance Tracker’;
page 140 ‘Assignment Tracker’;
page 149 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (personal responsibility in academics)’;
page 163 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (campus social life)’;
page 191 ‘Back to Basics: Rate Yourself (relationships)’.


Downloadable PDF