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It's Raining and I'm Okay

It's Raining and I'm Okay

A Calming Story to Help Children Relax When They Go Out and About

Adele Devine, illustrated by Quentin Devine

Quick Overview

Children with special needs often feel overwhelmed while out and about, but this simple rhyming story can help them to reduce feelings of anxiety. Ideal for kids aged 3-7, this bright and reassuring picture book offers calming strategies, useful symbols for pre-readers, and downloadable notes to support kids who feel anxious out of the home.
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2017, 8.54in x 8.39in / 217mm x 213mm, 40pp
ISBN: 9781785923197
2017, PDF, 40pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-631-5
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Oh no! It's raining!
Oh no! People everywhere!
Oh no! It's getting noisy!

But I count to ten, take a deep breath...and I'm okay.

This rhyming story helps children aged 3-7 face unfamiliar surroundings and experiences and feel less anxious when they are out and about. It offers calming techniques that can help when things don't go to plan, when you get stuck in a crowd, or when you start to feel tired at the end of a long day. Particularly suited to children with special needs and learning differences, including autism, symbols on each page help pre-readers begin to recognise words. With bright illustrations, and accompanying notes, lesson plans and worksheets available to download, this book can be used to help children think about situations they find tricky and better cope with feelings of anxiety.


'A lovely resource with appropriate strategies for supporting unexpected changes which can occur from time to time. Not just a book, but a tool for helping to find and explore solutions for a range of circumstances, both at home or in an educational setting.'
- Claire O'Neill, SEN Teacher, Richmond, UK

'A brilliantly illustrated and engaging book, full of calming strategies and with clear sentences and symbols that empower even our pre-readers. My son who finds sitting still and even reading at home difficult, sat engaged for the whole book! The beautiful visuals express a range of emotions which my son could connect with.'
- Claire Moss, Parent to a child with autism

'Aimed at children with special educational needs including autism, this book will also be useful for children who suffer from great anxiety for other reasons... The counting and breathing technique figures in many of them will be of real use. The simple, large-figured illustrations are colourful and very easily understood... There are down-loadable resources for teachers as well. An excellent choice for SEN groups.'
- Healthy Books

'This wonderful and bright book has been designed with the anxious child in mind, to help them to look at situations and to find ways to cope with any feelings that arise. Each page contains symbols to help pre-readers and visual learners understand the concepts... In helping children, the text will also help adults understand some of the feelings children will associate with anxiety-causing situations, offering ideas for how to offer help and support. This is a valuable book.'
- Eye Magazine


By (author): Adele Devine
Illustrated by: Quentin Devine


Click here for one downloadable PDF, including the supplemental resources and lesson plans described in the book.