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Job Coaches for Adults with Disabilities

Job Coaches for Adults with Disabilities

A Practical Guide

Edited by Karola Dillenburger, Ewa Matuska, Marea de Bruijn, and Hanns Rüdiger Röttgers. Forewords by Blazej Piasek and Norman Sterritt

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For new and experienced job coaches, and those considering job coaching as a career, this practice-focused guide sets out established standards for supporting adults with physical and intellectual disabilities in long-term employment. It covers essential skills needed for the job, with examples and advice for overcoming specific issues.
2019, Ebook, ePUB
ISBN: 978-1-78450-943-9

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Defining the role of a job coach, this book sets out EU-wide training standards for helping people with disabilities gain and maintain meaningful employment.

The book includes the perspectives of both people with disabilities and their job coaches, offering first-hand experience of the specific issues faced by those who want to enter the competitive open jobs market. It describes how to provide bespoke support for people with an intellectual disability, physical disability, as well as for autistic people and individuals with mental health conditions. Guidance on functional assessment, task analysis, collaborating with employers and training for new and student job coaches is also included.