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NLD from the Inside Out

NLD from the Inside Out

Talking to Parents, Teachers, and Teens about Growing Up with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities - Third Edition

Michael Brian Murphy

Quick Overview

Offering invaluable advice for teenagers and young adults with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD), this book explains what NLD is, how to understand your NLD brain, and how to thrive socially and academically. The book also includes guidance for parents, teachers and therapists on the issues that people with NLD want them to know.
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Paperback / softback
2016, 8.94in x 6.14in / 227mm x 156mm, 224pp
ISBN: 978-1-84905-714-1
2016, ePUB, 224pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-213-3
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Written by and for teens and young adults with Nonverbal Learning Disabilities (NLD), as well as for their parents, teachers, therapists, and others who care about them, and backed by the latest neuropsychological research, NLD from the Inside Out offers hundreds of useful tips on:

- Organization and planning, including study skills
- How to successfully navigate the transition from dependent child to independent adult
- Creating more harmonious family and peer relationships
- Changing disabling attitudes.

The book will help teens and young adults to avoid the angst and pitfalls often associated with NLD. More than that, it offers real stories from now-thriving young adults who grew up with NLD - proof that a full and rewarding life lies ahead for those who are now struggling.


'NLD From The Inside Out fully explains Nonverbal Learning Disability to anyone who has that diagnosis or who wants to understand it better. Michael Brian Murphy offers practical advice and strategies for school, relationships, and life after graduation. He writes with an authentic voice about a diagnosis that he shares with many other teens and adults. This inside look at NLD contains wisdom, clarity, and humor that will inspire those with NLD, as well as parents, teachers, and therapists.'
- Judith Canty Graves and Carson Graves, co-authors of Parents Have The Power To Make Special Education Work

'This book will be an eye-opener for teachers, parents, and other interested readers. No doubt many will realize, "Ahhh, now I understand..." and, hopefully, that understanding will contribute to the success of children and adults with NLD. It's also a valuable resource for young people with NLD: real-life voices, experiences, and common sense. As the parent of an adult child with disabilities, I've learned that the true experts in the field are people with disabilities; Mr. Murphy's book ably demonstrates that fact. Bravo!'
- Kathie Snow, Author of Disability is Natural: Revolutionary Common Sense for Raising Successful Children with Disabilities (

'Of all the valuable information to be found in this work, as a therapist, I particularly recommend the chapter on 'What we want therapists and counsellors to know.' If you have NLD or know someone who is seeking support from a therapist, you will find it worthwhile to follow Murphy's suggestions and caveats. It is essential that the therapist to whom you turn be exceptionally knowledgeable about the disorder and be competent to provide the guidance that will help you overcome the distresses this disorder may cause you.'
- Joseph Palombo, Director, The Joseph Palombo Center for Neuroscience and Psychoanalytic Social Work


By (author): Michael Brian Murphy


Click here for a downloadable PDF, including the following templates from the book:

p.151–2: Worksheet 1: Steps to Organizing a Research or Essay Paper

p.153–6: Worksheet 2: Organizing an Essay or Research Paper (with Rewards and Checklist)

p.157: Worksheet 3: Super Reward Chart for Book Reports

p.162: To Do: November 18

p.176: Self-Assessment: Are You Ready for Independent Living in the Dorm?

p.180: Sample Letter

p.181–2: About My Learning Style and Disabilities