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Our Autistic Lives

Our Autistic Lives

Personal Accounts from Autistic Adults Around the World Aged 20 to 70+

Edited by Alex Ratcliffe

Quick Overview

Spanning six decades of experience, this collection of first-hand accounts from adults with Asperger's and High Functioning Autism is about ageing with an autistic mind and the advantages and challenges that different eras in life can bring. It highlights common themes, such as the difference made by a diagnosis, to unite the experiences.
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Paperback / softback
2020, 8.35in x 5.35in / 212mm x 136mm, 272pp
ISBN: 9781785925603
2020, PDF
ISBN: 978-1-78450-953-8
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This collection of narratives from autistic adults is structured around their decades of experience of life, covering 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60 and 70s+. These are varied and diverse, spanning different continents, genders, sexualities and ethnicities, yet the author highlights the common themes that unite them and skilfully draws out these threads.

Each chapter is based on accounts from one age group and includes accounts from people of that age, giving an insight into the history of autism and signifying how gaining a diagnosis (or not) has changed people's lives over time. The book is about ageing with an autistic mind, and helping the reader find connections between neurotypical and neurodiverse people by acknowledging the challenges we all face in our past, present and futures.


'Uniquely covering a lifespan and intersecting a range of communities and cultures; This book adds to the growing voice of an enormously diverse population of people who've spent a lifetime suppressing who they are, in order to fit into a world that fears difference.'
- Kieran Rose,

'Too often, we forget that roughly 75% of Autistic people are adults. Our Autistic Lives is invaluable because it offers intimate insights from Autistic adults in every decade of life, to their seventies and beyond. Ratcliffe's book is crucial reading for understanding autism across the lifespan.'
- Maxfield Sparrow, author of The ABCs of Autism Acceptance and No You Don’t: Essays from an Unstrange Mind


Edited by: Alex Ratcliffe