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Rasa Shastra

Rasa Shastra

The Hidden Art of Medical Alchemy

Andrew Mason

Quick Overview

An authoritative account of Asian Medical Alchemy, this book explores the herbo-mineral-metal based medicines used in these ancient healing traditions. The first resource of its kind, it provides exhaustive insight into the history of alchemy's search for immortality, the variety of minerals used, and production methods.
Published by Singing Dragon
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2014, 10.28in x 7.68in / 261mm x 195mm, 568pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-107-5
2014, ePUB, 568pp
ISBN: 978-0-85701-088-9
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The first comprehensive analysis of Asian Medical Alchemy, this book describes the use of herbo-mineral-metal based medicines as used in some of the world's oldest healing traditions. It offers a detailed exploration of Âyurvedic medicinal purification practices that seek to enhance the therapeutic potential of materials, metals and gemstones, as well as offering a concise overview of traditional and modern equipment and methods used in the manufacture of these medicines.

The author's unique and fascinating account of the hidden alchemical arts also explains some of the historical background behind the on-going quest amongst Asian alchemists for immortality.


'Rasa Shastra: The Hidden Art of Medical Alchemy is a great introductory book on the concepts behind this time-honoured traditional medicine from Asia. Easy-to-read, profusely illustrated and presented from the standpoint of personal experience, I think any reader would gain a great deal of knowledge from this book'
- Dr Tasnim Munshi, Senior Lecturer in Chemistry, University of Bradford, UK

'An extraordinary book. Andrew Mason has succeeded in documenting the knowledge from this secret oral tradition that would otherwise have been lost forever.'
- Philip Weeks, master herbalist, acupuncturist and author of Make Yourself Better and Painful Bladder Syndrome

'An in-depth and informative read that tackles the complexities of Rasa Shastra (Indian Alchemy). Andrew presents the precepts of this ancient science in a very readable and concise way, helping demystify the processes conceived by the masters of this ancient science. From introductory to advanced concepts, this book aims to guide the reader through the historical aspects of the work to its modern day equivalents. Rasa Shastra: The Hidden Art of Medical Alchemy remains an illustrative, interesting and insightful journey, for those seeking knowledge into this lesser understood science of Ayurveda. Highly recommended as an essential text for students of Ayurveda, and an excellent book for those interested in the alchemy of Ayurveda, particularly the western reader.'
- Dr Mauroof M. Athique, MD(Ayur), PhD., Director, College of Ayurveda (UK), Milton Keynes

'Rasa Shastra - The Hidden Art of Medical Alchemy is a thoroughly enjoyable book to read and is an interesting mix of ancient knowledge, the technology of herbo-mineral-metal-based medicines, the evolution of the processes and, of course, Ayurveda. But at no times does Andrew make it confusing or complicated. It's an easy to read book which respects the subject and offers it in a user friendly way without dumbing it down. Andrew is frank about his approach to Ayurveda and applies his own awareness to his documented knowledge. Above all, he advocates using the benefits of Rasa Shastra (Indian alchemy) to clear and cleanse our bodies and ultimately benefit from greater health.'
- Sunita Passi Holistic entrepreneur, Principal Tri-Dosha Academy, writer, speaker

'Regardless whether the reader's field of interest is medicine, astrology, gem therapy or Vedic philosophy, this text will provide rich insights and valuable information... Those with a background in spagyric medicine will recognise many of the plants used, while those from Ayurvedic, Chinese and Tibetan traditions will be familiar with many formulations, minerals and animal based medicines. Rasa Shastra is a classic which requires and deserves further study.'
- John E Smith


Foreword by: Vaidya Atreya Smith
By (author): Andrew Mason