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The Mental Health and Wellbeing Workout for Teens

The Mental Health and Wellbeing Workout for Teens

Skills and Exercises from ACT and CBT for Healthy Thinking

Paula Nagel, illustrated by Gary Bainbridge

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An accessible, engaging how-to guide for building a personalised mental health 'workout'. Includes tried and tested therapeutic techniques, simple strategies and healthy thinking habits teenagers can use to boost their mental health fitness and emotional wellbeing.
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Paperback / softback
2019, 9.61in x 6.69in / 244mm x 170mm, 160pp
ISBN: 9781785923944

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2019, ePUB
ISBN: 978-1-78450-753-4
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This easy-to-understand, engaging guide arms teens with healthy thinking habits and coping strategies for staying on top of their mental health. Using tried and tested therapeutic techniques, readers are given the tools to build their own personalised mental health 'workout' to boost their emotional resilience and wellbeing.

Informed by the experiences of teens themselves, this friendly guide gives practical tips and strategies on how to overcome everyday stresses and ditch negative thinking 'frenemies' before they develop into more serious issues. Teens will be better equipped to recognise negative thoughts and emotions, monitor their mood and behaviour, and flex their positive thinking muscles in order to combat the mental health blips we all face sometimes.


'This guide clearly and concisely describes all the key thinking errors associated with poor emotional health and wellbeing - which - if not addressed, can contribute to more significant mental health difficulties in later life. Crucially, the key messages, based on science and evidence-based research are delivered in a way that is non-jargonised, non-preachy, and very easy to digest; using language and metaphors that teenagers will relate to. They will have fun, I am sure, trying some of the flex-ercises and think-ercises: 'Standing in someone else's shoes' may be less challenging than 'purposely trying not to win an argument' - but what a great tip - and one I shall be testing out myself! That's the thing, whilst aimed at teenagers, this book would also make a great read for adults too - particularly parents or those working with teenagers. The reference to the digital world in relation to social comparison is an important one; this is not going away anytime soon - our young people MUST better understand this and learn how to manage it: 'Be your own comparison and ditch the unreal ideal!'. Overall, I love how this book de-mystifies emotional and mental health and normalises the unhelpful thoughts that all of us experience from time to time. It has a nice blend of cognitive behavioural techniques, acceptance and commitment therapy and mindfulness - a really engaging and informative read!'
- Lynne Green

'One of the most critical life skills we can give young people is an understanding of the power of their thoughts and how they connect to, and influence, emotions, behaviour and overall wellbeing. Paula has produced an expertly crafted book for young people that does just that. Having consulted throughout with her target audience, Paula's book provides clear guidance as to how young people can understand their thought processes and achieve self-awareness, regulation and control.'
- Dr Fiona Pienaar, Chief Clinical Officer, Mental Health Innovations and children and young people's mental health advocate


By (author): Paula Nagel
Illustrated by: Gary Bainbridge