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The Story Within - Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy

The Story Within - Myth and Fairy Tale in Therapy

Yehudit Silverman. Foreword by Phil Jones

Quick Overview

This creative arts therapies approach involves clients choosing a character from myth or fairy tale as a way of working with unconscious personal material. Suitable for therapeutic group work and individual use, this practical, step-by-step resource includes guidelines on the process, conceptual background information, and clinical case vignettes.
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Paperback / softback
2020, 8.82in x 5.91in / 224mm x 150mm, 256pp
ISBN: 9781785925092
2020, ePUB
ISBN: 978-1-78450-894-4
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Somewhere hidden in the depths of each story lies a treasure waiting to be discovered...

This creative arts therapies approach uses myth and fairy tale to explore personal challenges. Clients begin by choosing a myth or fairy tale character they feel drawn to, but don't know why. They and their chosen character then embark on a guided creative journey that leads them to discover hidden, unconscious, aspects of themselves.

The process is holistic, using all the arts. In addition to explaining the theoretical background of this approach, the book provides detailed step-by-step instructions for readers to follow for their own personal exploration, including specific creative exercises at each stage, and guidelines for using the approach with clients. Also included are clinical case vignettes, reflections from people who have experienced the process, and the authors own personal journey.

Whether you are a creative arts therapist seeking to expand your practice, or a health professional searching for a new, creative way of working with clients, The Story Within is an exciting new resource.


'This is a masterwork in Creative Arts Therapies by a seasoned artist/therapist. As a Jungian-oriented drama therapist, who has spent many years working with myth and fairy tale, myself, I cannot recommend this book highly enough. It inspires, guides and educates. What a gift for the next generation!'
- Stephen Snow, Ph.D., RDT-BCT, Professor of Drama Therapy, Co-founder of Graduate Drama Therapy Program, Concordia University

'The Story Within is a passport to the deep places in us. Yehudit Silverman speaks equally to seekers, therapists, and artists of all mediums. Yehudit's own story, La Loba, is a generous through line, teaching us how story move us and moves in us, weaving the golden threads of the archetypal realm into our contemporary lives to find meaning, resolve conflict and heal trauma.'
- Pat B. Allen, Ph.D., ATR, Author of 'Art is a way of knowing' and 'Art is a spiritual path'

'This book invites us on a journey through the landscapes of the deeply personal and the profoundly collective. Our guide is patient, steadfast and wise in her offering of transformation through creative arts. Personally, my experience with the Story Within has had an enormous impact on my education, my clinical trajectory and more recently my work as a trauma therapist - this is a valuable resource for anyone dedicated to the transformation and alleviation of human suffering.'
- Dr. Kate Drury, Clinical Psychologist, Trauma-focused Therapy Program at the Jewish General Hospital


By (author): Yehudit Silverman
Foreword by: Phil Jones