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Time to Talk about Dying

Time to Talk about Dying

How Clergy and Chaplains Can Help Senior Adults Prepare for a Good Death

Fred Grewe

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This guide provides clergy and chaplains with essential tools for supporting senior adults, helping them to feel comfortable about death and dying before they begin to approach life's end. Focusing on strengthening relationships with loved ones, it applies unique therapeutic methods for promoting a positive experience of ageing.
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Paperback / softback
2018, 9.06in x 6.46in / 230mm x 164mm, 168pp
ISBN: 9781785928055
2018, ePUB, 160pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-846-3
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Presenting clergy and chaplains with unique therapeutic tools for helping senior adults enrich their later years, this book gives advice on how to strengthen relationships, find meaning in life and feel comfortable approaching life's final chapter.

It guides clergy and chaplains through how to effectively conduct "Soul Legacy" projects, in which older people reflect on what they want to leave behind for their loved ones and how they want to be remembered after they die. It enables older people to pay loved ones personal tributes and show them how important they are. By focusing on others rather than the self, it provides comfort for loved ones as well as the senior adult, prevents loneliness and negative feelings about ageing, and helps adults gradually become comfortable with the challenges of approaching the end of life.


'It is rare that deep wisdom and specific practice pour from the same tap-but they both indeed flow from Time to Talk About Dying. Rev. Fred Grewe and I have been friends for nearly forty years. We probably don't agree on everything, but I can attest to this: Fred has always possessed warm humour, a knack for storytelling (he used to be an actor) and most importantly, an uncommon curiosity about the intersection of God and the human soul. His many years as a chaplain have put a fine point on that twin-pursuit and have been leveraged in loving service for the dying. Every provider of spiritual care will find chunks of wisdom and tools for practical, professional growth'
- Bishop Todd Hunter, Anglican Churches for the Sake of Others

'This important book should be read and considered by all who spend time with people at the end of their lives. Fred Grewe's insights and perspective have something to teach all of us.'
- Wendy Cadge, Professor of Sociology, Brandeis University

'I commend this book as such a helpful book for clergy and chaplains. Fred writes with typical honesty, insight and sensitivity as he recalls real stories and the impact they have clearly had on his life. I believe this book to be a seriously helpful tool in helping people to die as well as they can, leaving a healthy legacy and blessing in the lives of loved ones and friends who remain.'
- Steve Prince, Pastor and Team Leader Brookside Church and Chaplain to Reading Football Club, UK

'Grewe offers practical wisdom that is useful to all of us who care for and serve seniors nearing the end of their lives.'
- Susan W. Tolle MD, Professor of Medicine, Oregon Health & Science University

'In this book, Fred Grewe shares rich stories from his work as a hospice chaplain about the experiences of his patients and their loved ones as they grapple with the spiritual challenges that accompany dying. While contemplating our death can lead to a fuller life, Grewe's stories show that waning time and energy prevent some patients from engaging these important tasks. The Soul Legacy Seminars he describes give senior adults an opportunity to focus on the important lessons we can learn from our mortality. Grewe is a wise spiritual guide, and his book will enrich the care that chaplains and clergy provide for all of us, who by choice or necessity contemplate our final days.'
- George Fitchett, Professor and Director of Research in the Department of Religion, Health, and Human Values, Rush University Medical Center

'This is a generative book, carefully written, well organised and rich in lived pastoral experience among those preparing for death. The chapters bear significant testimony to the author's experience. The use of personal experience is appropriate and sensitive. There is a practical wisdom here which can be trusted as it is applied with honesty and insight.'
- James Woodward, Sarum College


By (author): Fred Grewe