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You Make Your Parents Super Happy!

You Make Your Parents Super Happy!

A book about parents separating

Richy K. Chandler, illustrated by Richy K. Chandler

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Explaining why parents decide to separate in simple, understandable language to children, this candid graphic story reassures and comforts any child whose parents are breaking up. Fully illustrated, with characters that any child can relate to, this book is a lifeline during a confusing time.
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2017, 8.54in x 8.39in / 217mm x 213mm, 40pp
ISBN: 9781785924149
2017, PDF, 40pp
ISBN: 978-1-78450-776-3
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Hey! I think you should know that there is nothing your parents are more proud of... than YOU!'

This simple graphic story helps children whose parents are separating to feel better. The book says why some parents have to live in different places, reminds the child how special they are to both parents, and reassures them that both parents will keep looking after them, and love them just as before.

Getting to the heart of what children need to hear in what can be a confusing time, the story lets your child know that they are loved and safe, and that this will not change. Ideal for children aged 3-7.


'A difficult subject sensitively handled. Chandler uses gentle humour to show that change doesn't have to be feared.'
- David O’Connell, author of 'Jampires' and 'When I'm a Monster Like You, Dad!’

'A sweet and thoughtful picture book that helps children to deal with their family separating.'
- Peter Bunzl, author of 'Cogheart’ and ‘ Moonlocket’

'In this straightforward and reassuring resource, British comics creator Chandler addresses children directly, underscoring the consistence of parental love amid separation or divorce. The artwork features a family of three jellybean-shaped, candy-colored creatures. The parents are shown arguing and sitting apart from each other on the sofa: 'They realized that if they stayed living in the same place, things would get very unhappy for everyone.' Though separate homes may seem scary or sad, Chandler maintains that both parents will 'see you lots' and 'take you to fun places,' making the book best suited to families where those statements are true. The characters' lack of gender or ethnicity allows them to speak to a broad audience. Ages 3-7. (Oct.)'
- Publishers Weekly

'Anything that helps young children cope with traumatic times in their lives is really valuable, and the simple approach of this reassuring book is perfect for 3 to 5 year olds. It shows, through straightforward text and attractive graphic images, why some parents have to live in different places. Despite that, children remain special to both parents; the story reassures them that both parents will keep looking after them, and love them just as before. The love parents retain for children is paramount in the book.'
- Parents in Touch

'This lovely picture book is written for very young children whose parents are separating. It is illustrated with gender-neutral drawings, in which people are represented by shapes, so that neither the child nor either parent has a definite gender. The reason parents might separate and the feelings this may cause are simply and lovingly portrayed in a positive way. This is a gentle but honest approach to a difficult subject, which will enable parents to commence communication with their child and with confidence.'
- Youth In Mind


So even though your parents don't agree on everything, the one thing they are both sure of is that you are amazing...and they both love you with all their hearts.'
The one thing I am sure of is that this is the best book of its kind for young children that I have seen so far! It's a very difficult subject to put into words, and for word-lacking parents it will prove very special indeed.

- Elizabeth Schlenther,


A simple and comforting book for young children that helps explain the reasons parents decide to live apart. Focuses on the message that the child is loved above all else, to help ease worries and fears the experience may bring up.
Very simple, abstract characters and no gender specific pronouns allow this book to be used by a broad range of families. By focusing on how much the child is loved, and how both parents will still be around even though things will be different gives the book a positive tone, while explaining a difficult topic.

- Little Parachutes


By (author): Richy K. Chandler
Illustrated by: Richy K. Chandler