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Your Body is Brilliant

Your Body is Brilliant

Body Respect for Children

Sigrun Danielsdottir, illustrated by Bjork Bjarkdottir

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The colourful illustrations in this picture book will help children learn to love their bodies from an early age and appreciate all the wonderful things their bodies do. The book promotes a healthy attitude which will help children understand that all bodies are different and encourage them to take good care of their bodies throughout their lives.
Published by Singing Dragon
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2014, 9.72in x 8.31in / 247mm x 211mm, 36pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-221-8

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2014, 9.69in x 9.53in / 246mm x 242mm, 40pp
ISBN: 978-1-84819-228-7
2014, PDF, 36pp
ISBN: 978-0-85701-179-4
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*Silver medal winner in the 'Self-Esteem' category of the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards 2015*

Bodies do all sorts of amazing things, like move around, grow bigger and heal themselves. Bodies also come in all sorts of shapes and sizes and we need to take care of them so that they stay healthy and strong. If we listen to our bodies they tell us exactly what they need.

The colourful illustrations in this unique picture book will encourage children to love their bodies from an early age. By learning about all the wonderful things bodies can do, and how each body is different and unique, children will be inspired to take good care of their bodies throughout their lives. Promoting respect for body diversity among children will also encourage kindness and help prevent bullying.

This book is ideal for children aged 4-7 to read at home or school, either alone or with a parent, family member, teacher or other caring professional.


'In this era of extreme over-emphasis on body appearance and all the accompanying adverse effects, this delightful book is a “must” read for all children, regardless of age, gender or ethnicity. It is beautifully written, wonderfully illustrated, easy to read and delivers a very important message in an enchanting manner. It should be on all school curricula and all parents should ensure they read it too and discuss it with their children. The author and illustrator have done a truly amazing job.'
- Professor Bryan Lask, Emeritus Professor of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at St George's, University of London, Medical Director at Rhodes Farm, Care UK, and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children


The author Sigrun Danielsdottir, an Icelandic psychologist, specialising in eating disorders and body image delivers a simple but effective message in this beautifully illustrated picture book which would be suitable for children
aged three upwards... It encourages the reader to listen to, respect and take care of their own individual unique
body. It notes that bodies may look different and come in different shapes, shades and sizes but furthermore it inspires the reader to respect this diversity... At the end of the book there is a section titled - 'A Message for Adults' which outlines the importance of children's positive self-body image and its influence on health and
emotional well - being. This a fun picture book with delightful illustrations which tackles many important
issues in a light hearted yet powerful way. It is a book that all children could be introduced to at an early age and one that they can pick up and read at home or at school.

- Play Therapy

'This book is just beautiful!... It's bright and colourful and is filled with simple but meaningful dialogue about the many different, wonderful things that our bodies can do - regardless of what we look like... A great teaching resource, but also an enjoyable read. I don't hesitate to recommend this book both as a parent and as an educator.'
- In Our Hands blog

'This terrific general picture book about people's bodies emphasises having respect, not only for your own body, but for other people's too...the book is a riot of colour and shape and fun, with integrated text at some points, along with lots of different bodies doing lots of different things. Super!'
- HealthyBooks


By (author): Sigrun Danielsdottir